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BJJ Library is the ultimate collection of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructional videos.


Featuring an incredible collection of hundreds of techniques taught by Saulo and Xande Ribeiro—as well as nine other world champion level BJJ competitors and instructors—BJJ Library is exactly what you need if you want to dominate on the mats.

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“I like the focus on a heavy pressure game with nothing too fancy, something I use immediately not only in my own game but also in my teaching.” Can Sonmez, Purple Belt, Slideyfoot Blog
“As a white belt I get lost with some of the techniques and not everything seems to work. I really like the Jiu Jitsu University videos because it’s full of techniques that make sense and work for me.” Jun Bang, White Belt
“BJJ library offers fantastic instruction for new and experienced people. They have over ten world champions on the site, where else can you find that?” Lance Kimmons, Brown Belt, Assistant Instructor

Jiu Jitsu On Demand

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“I’ve tried all sorts of ways to complement my jiu jitsu learning but BJJ Library is the resource that I keep coming back to again and again” – Joseph Kingsley (BJJ Purple Belt)

NOTE: we’re always adding new videos so we can keep you up to date with what’s working on the mats and in competition right now.

A MASSIVE Library Of Techniques
Right At Your Fingertips

From beginners and blue belts…all the way to advanced level black belts…it’s all here.

We know that everyone’s game is different, which is why we’ve made BJJ Library so easy to navigate.

We’ve organized and broken everything down so you can search through the videos and easily find the solutions to YOUR sticking points.

For example, are you getting stuck in side control too often?

Or are you having difficulty passing the guard?

You’ll see that we’ve got multiple options for every scenario you can imagine.

BJJ Library also let’s you learn at your own speed…

Now there’s no need to worry about “information overload” or forgetting the fine details that can make or break a match.

From Old School To Modern Techniques

Take a quick look inside our MASSIVE vault of World Class techniques:

Jiu Jitsu University Video Course

The #1 best-selling jiu jitsu instructional book ever made! This 5-star Amazon bestseller is often called the “BJJ Bible” and the video course has everything set out for you, lesson by lesson, as a road map for you to progress your jiu jitsu as quickly as possible!

White Belt University: A Roadmap for White Belts!

This video course has everything you need to focus on as a white belt to guide you to your blue belt as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Learn the floor drills, sweeps, guard work, guard passes, and submissions that all white belts NEED to know to take their jiu jitsu to the next level!

Master The Half Guard With
Roberto “Gordo” Corrêa de Lima

When he was 18, a knee injury forced Gordo to develop a more aggressive half guard strategy…

Now, thanks to Gordo, we have an endless amount of attacks and sweeps from the half guard. Follow along as he shares some of his most effective sweeps and attacks

Xande Ribeiro’s
Modern Guard Killer

The sport is always changing and that’s why we’ve put together the Guard Killer series—to help you counter some of the “new” techniques people are seeing in competition these days…

Xande breaks everything down so there’s no confusion about what to do when you face the berimbolo, inverted guard, 50-50, and more:

Dean Lister’s
Footlock Machine Series

 When it comes to leglocks, there’s one name that stands out above the rest and that’s Dean Lister.

In this must-see series, Dean shares the mechanics of his favorite ankle locks, kneebars, sweeps and more:

Fernando “Terere” Augusto Series

Terere is a two-time world champion and one of the most accomplished competitors in the sport.

He’s also known for being a beast on the mats and when you see this series of techniques you’ll understand why…

Rafael Lovato Jr’s
“Pressure Passing” Series

Rafael Lovato Jr is a 3rd degree black belt under Saulo and one of the most competitive grapplers on the planet.

In this breakthrough series, Rafael shares the exact guard passing system that helped him become the second American black belt in history to ever win a gold medal in the World Jiu Jitsu Championships.

Rodrigo Pagani’s
Secrets Of The Curu Curu Guard Series

Rodrigo is a 3rd degree black belt from Brazil and a rock star instructor…

He’s also developed a very unique position that works like gangbusters to sweep heavier opponents and set up killer submissions from the guard.

If you like to play an open guard game, then you definitely aren’t going to want miss the Secrets of The Curu Curu Guard


This is just a TINY sample of the next-level BJJ techniques you’ll have access to with the BJJ Library…

For a more complete listing of what’s included, click HERE.

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- More escapes, sweeps, submissions and counter attacks…

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- The best way to get back to speed if you’ve taken time off from the sport…

- Never forget a technique again…

- Accelerated learning of advanced techniques…

- Learn on YOUR schedule…

- Access the BJJ University curriculum (the “BJJ Bible” that earned us 250+ five-star reviews on

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We’ve literally thrown our heart and soul into this program and that means we’ve compiled thousands of hours of private instruction and seminar videos just for you.

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